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Timbertop Mansion

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Dimensions: 7200 × 4200 mm
Your perception of what a mansion should be and your child’s perception of what a mansion should be are two very different things. When you think of a mansion, you…

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Your perception of what a mansion should be and your child’s perception of what a mansion should be are two very different things. When you think of a mansion, you think of something out of a “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” television show. When your children think of a mansion, they are thinking of the Timbertop Mansion cubby house.

Not many children get the chance to say that they have their own mansion, and not many parents get the chance to say that their kids have a mansion in the backyard. So as a conversation piece, the Timbertop Mansion does its job. But when you look at it, you can instantly see that is so much more than just a conversation piece.

The Timbertop Mansion cubby house is a main structure that is flanked on three sides by wooden decks. The entire structure has safety railings that prevent your kids and their friends from falling off the deck. The wood itself is treated with a safe and clear coating that protects the structure from pests and the weather.

One of the raised decks is an observation platform that your kids can use to look out over the entire backyard. Depending on where you put the Timbertop Mansion, your kids may be able to see out over the entire neighbourhood. To help the kids along, there are scopes and binoculars strategically placed along the railings.

Directly under the observation deck is a wooden platform that can be turned into sandbox, or it can be used as a place to house a small kiddie pool. The entire structure can be turned into your child’s huge pool house with its own private pool.

The front deck helps create a two-tier effect in the front of the Timberland Mansion that helps to give it that mansion feel. From the lower-level deck, your kids can choose to use the wooden stairway or climb down the climbing wall. The best part about the mansion is the choice is up to the children.

The other side of the mansion has a large climbing wall and two plastic slides. You can also put another sandbox or pool under this second elevated deck. Between the sandboxes, climbing walls and stairways, your kids are going to need you to put some beds in the Timberland Mansion. You might as well because there is plenty of room to do so.

Additional outside toys are available to purchase that will go with your cubby house. Your children will enjoy their use as well. These toys range from animal themed spring rockers, swing sets, and wooden toys like a ship’s steering wheel where your child can be captain of their own fleet.

Dimensions: 7200 × 4200 mm

More Information

CubbyKraft products are designed with safety in mind. Safety, as well as fun, is of the utmost importance for each design at Kitwood. You will find that all our cubby houses are made of non-toxic material and only the finest in organic timber. It’s sanded down into a sleek feel that makes it entirely safe for kids to play in and around. The windows are glassless and the toys are sturdy. The elevated design is strong because it is secured with structural support posts. Parents can be at ease knowing that their children are playing safely in their cubby house in their backyards.

Instructions are clear, easy to follow, and the wood well labeled. You will be able to put this together and if your children are old enough, you may want them to help. It will make them feel like they had a special job building their own cubby house.
Your children will never want to come back inside!

All our cubby house kits can be shipped anywhere in Australia. The pre-cut pieces are very easy to assemble and all of the easy to read directions come in your cubby house kit. The cubbies are designed for the average handyman to put together, but you are not alone! DIY consultants are always available to give you a hand through online  DIY videos here, through email, and over the phone during normal business hours.

Your cubby will need to be collected from the freight depot as Toll do not deliver palletised goods to residential addresses. If you have a business address with a resident forklift we can ship directly to the business address.

Alternatively a HIAB crane truck can cost between $200 – $400 to deliver from the depot to your house, (…But it’s probably easier for you to arrange yourself by searching Gumtree :D)

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